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Throughout 52 years of existence, l’express accompanied its readers by providing reliable information every day; better insights of the local news; political, economic and social aspects through editorials and other analysis. With a print run of 20,000 copies, l’express - published every morning during week days - is highly appreciated by its readers - estimated to average 100,000 people per day, making l’express the most read newspaper in the country.

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How does subscription work?

You can subscribe to any of the editions listed above for the indicated monthly fee. Your chosen payment method is debited immediately for the forthcoming month.

Why should I subscribe to the paper edition here, rather than simply buy it?

You are of course welcome to continue buying l'express as you always have. However if you subscribe to it online, we'll offer a 15% discount compared to what you'd pay at a kiosk.

Am I tied in to a contract?

While we regret we do not offer refunds, you can stop your subscription at any time. Your subscription will continue to be active until the end of the purchased month.

How can I see a history of my account and manage my subscriptions?

You can login to your subscription management page to view a summary of which subscriptions are active, view past payments, and cancel any active subscriptions.

How does paper subscriptions work?

If you're a corporate customer based in Port Louis or Ebene, we can deliver your copies direct to your door, otherwise, we'll send coupons for redemption against your daily paper at any kiosk. It's quick, simple and easy and best of all, our hard-working vendors make the same profit as if you'd simply purchased a copy.

Why should I buy a digital subscription, isn't it free to access lexpress.mu?

In accordance with our mission, access to lexpress.mu will always be free to consumers, however producing high-quality independent journalism has a cost. We support this cost by displaying advertisements. A subscription to lexpress.mu will significantly reduce the amount of advertisements you see. You'll get a host of other benefits too, including access to the ePaper edition and to our archives.

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